experts to experts conference 12th June 2024, Cluj Innovation Park

Ditching the Monolith: A Real-Life Journey to Microservices

Join me as I dive into the challenges we faced, the patterns we used, and share some practical situations and code examples from my latest project of shifting from a monolithic architecture to microservices using Spring Boot 3. Unlike the idealistic scenarios often found in books, I’ll show what worked for us and what didn’t, discussing the lessons learned from my overall experience and how non-technical aspects usually impact technical decisions. This talk is perfect for developers looking to learn from other experiences to make their applications more scalable and flexible.

Moisés Macero García

Moisés Macero is a freelance Software Architect who loves keeping things simple. He spends most of his time creating visualizations, talking to people, and ensuring they understand each other and the problem at hand. As a result, others often refer to him as a 'mediator'.

At Sympower, he drives the architectural vision to expand the startup's platform to many countries and markets while also facilitating growth in organizational size.

He is the author of 'Learn Microservices with Spring Boot', in which he describes his pragmatic approach and views on how fancy architectures can be beneficial but also introduce significant complexity.

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