experts to experts conference 14th June 2022, Cluj Innovation Park

Lines and Boxes: Modern Cloud Applications Integration

09:00 - 10:00

Modern Applications deployed in the cloud are based on serverless or microservices architectures and they are typically fine-grained, distributed, and interconnected. It's perfectly normal to represent those systems in a form of a diagram consisting - more or less - lines and boxes. Lines (connections between boxes that represent components) impose important functional and non-functional characteristics of the systems - like scalability, availability, and coupling. In this session, you will learn how serverless and application integration tools available in the AWS cloud make those connections explicit, automatable, and manageable. In other words: you will learn why lines (integrations) are as just important as boxes (components).

Wojciech Gawronski


Wojtek is a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS dedicated for Central and Eastern European region. Working with Cloud Computing and Data Engineering since 2015 - in different roles: starting from IT Operations Engineer, Software Engineer and Cloud Architect. Functional programming and Serverless architecture aficionado.

9 x Certified AWS Specialist. Speaker, lecturer, and content creator.

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