experts to experts conference 12th June 2024, Cluj Innovation Park

Robot Interactions for Smart Manufacturing

AI-PRISM is an EU funded project that will provide an ecosystem of collaboration and cooperation between Humans and Robots in manufacturing work environments where tasks are difficult to automate and speed and versatility are essential. By means of Human-centered and Artificial Intelligence-based solutions, we aim at supporting a change of paradigm where AI, robotics and Social Sciences and Humanities are integrated to improve production processes. All innovations are being demonstrated in 4+1 selected real-world cases in the furniture, electronics, food & beverages, home appliances and discrete manufacturing sectors.

Andrei Rusu

Andrei Rusu, with a rich background in engineering and project management, currently serves as the Institutional Relations Manager at NTT DATA Romania, based in Cluj-Napoca. His role involves strategizing and executing plans to secure financial support from various sectors and establishing key relationships within the research community. Andrei's expertise spans across securing European and national funding, including Horizon and Norway and EEA grants, and leading consortia for technology-focused project proposals.

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